About Era Fey

Wow, people are actually interested about me enough to click on this tab. I'm flattered. Thank you, guys! 

Who am I? 

I'm Era Fey. An avid blogger since August 2012. In another word, I'm a super newbie so feel free to bully me nicely. I started blogging because my mom wanted to try blogging as well. Obviously, my awesome blog crushed my mom's... (If mommy dearest is reading this, I will go... into hiding now.)

How old am I? What do I do for a living?
I'm a pedo-noona (or cougar) and I stalk pretty boys on youtube for fun. Just kidding. I am not that scary. I'm studying business at a Canadian university. I love money. I'm always searching for ways to earn little pocket money. You can imagine I get really excited when I got approved by Google Adsense. I earn about like $0.10 a day with it. LOL. Well, people don't click on ads as much anymore. Sad. Anyway, I live quite a thrifty life. I got so sick and tired of eating ramen and $2 bread in school. Cheapskate alert! Occasionally, I spoiled myself by buying super expensive figurines... crazy, isn't it? Starve to buy pretty boys figurines.... I may be a damn broke student right now, but I know I will succeed one day... *Wishful thinking*

Why do I talk about nerdy stuff only?
The ultimate reason is because I am a hermit who only leave the house for school. I have no social life whatsoever despite what my blog implies. I just squeeze out whatever social activities I have and milk them of their worth.

As a hermit, how do I pass my time?
From morning to afternoon, I spend hours on writing my blog and decorate the heck out of it to make it perfect. Then I go on 9gag for lolz and mangareader to read manga. At night, I play Diablo/Resident Evil with my dad. If I have time, I write my novel and watch youtube. My life is sooo 'interesting' *Roll my eyes* My real passion is writing (aaaaan I made so many grammar mistakes on my blog... you then to find verbs in past tense... story telling habit is hard to get rid off) Anyhow, I hope to be a successful novelist one day. Remember to support me when it happens! That's my dream and I will see it through.

My purposes?
My goal right now is to make this blog a success. I aim high and I will achieve it. You have noooo idea how much time I am spending on modifying/designing this blog. For the sake of this blog, I sacrificed my 2012 summer vacation and learned the impossible language of coding. Yes. I read so many articles to improve the blogs. Good grief! I am so hardworking. So you should feel guilty and subscribe to me. LOL

hy did you create this blog? 
As weird as it sounds, I created this blog to brag about Squall Leonhart. I'm so bloody proud of that figurine that I must brag about it to the world! So while I was searching for ways to brag, my mom came to me and said "Why don't you just blog about it?" Omg. Love you mom! So if you are here reading this, you should thank Squall and my mom! 

Why do you have anime sections and non-anime sections in your blog?

Why not? it's not like anime fans live in the anime world and have no relation with the real world. The non-anime section is just life facts that I think people might enjoy. I aim to please! If possible, both my anime and non-anime followers!

How did you get this template?

When I first started this blog, it felt as though my soul was traded. I spent at least 6 hours a day for the past 2 weeks configuring the blog. Even go as far as learning how to code HTML. Tell me how much I love my blog and you guys! I did everything to make this blog sexy so that you guys get to admire it at its finest glory! If you really want to know the painful details I went through, email me. If many people email me the question, I will blog it. Don't worry guys, I will try my best to help you out.

What type of manga do you read?
I prefer shounen, adventure and good psychology manga. Of course I worship One Piece. It's a brilliant manga. I also like many other type of manga. I have been reading manga for more than 10 years so I consider myself a veteran in this field. I try my best to recommend my favorites from each category.

Do you take requests? Review/talk about a subject we submit?

Of course! Please send me requests! While I read a lot of manga, I will exhaust my favorites at the rate I am going (since I am a very picky reader). So throw me all your requests! I will be more than happy to review them! Hey, I might learn something new from it. Win-win!


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