27 August 2013

Do You Know...Shocking Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Performance?!!

While I am not a media-crazed person, I can't help but joined the mass population in their utter shock when I came across this horrific music video performance. I was happily scrolling on 9gag when a post caught my attention. I believe my jaw dropped lower than poor Willow Smith. Miley Cyrus just makes me want to curl up and cry from shock or terror... I don't know... but for goodness sake... what is this horror she has unleashed?
taken from 9gag dhuva
Out of curiosity, I youtubed the VMA 2013 and watched the scandalous video. So at first, she wore a tight [swimsuit] looking costume on stage. Then she thrust her hips a little. I was like "alright... it's not so bad... right?" But nooooo, she went ahead, grabbed onto a back-dancer's butt and slapped it. Then she stripped out of the swimsuit-looking costume and shocked everyone with her nude-bra and underwear. To make the matter worse, she started doing the following....
Seriously, what. the. hell. did. I. just. see? 
After seeing this at midnight... it's alright...
Who needs sleep anyway?
Alright, I understand that media nowadays is a bit extreme but I think this stunt just tops the cherry. What is with that skin-colored tight bra and underwear? And that tongue licking motions... and that... big foam finger that scrubbed down her body... and pointed at her crotch. and her crotch-grinding/twerking Robin what-ever-his-name?-Thicke. And how people cheer when she did that.... and don't they rehearse the performance before? Why hasn't anyone said anything? 
This is what I mean when I say it leaves nothing to the imagination... and it's broadcast on tv and everyone can see her butt... it's so shameful/disturbing...not that she has much ass to brag about... still. Augh! Why?!!!
I am just... so shocked by all these factors. Call me a traditionalist but even so... this is a bit hard to swallow. I can't imagine how the feminists would react. Let alone proper mother when their little girls saw this. What has the image of women become? How could those girls react so positively to her behaving such manner on stage in front of the camera? Good grief. 

I understand that she seeks attention but this is just soooo wrong. It's sad how society only reacts to scandalous events which encourages these soon-to-be-forgotten celebrities to do drastic measure to regain fame. 

Well, I hope she is happy with her fame now. Not that it is anything to be proud about. Sigh. I am just sitting here and shaking my head as I post this. I suppose I can only be thankful that I don't have this type of people influencing me when I was a teenager... I just hope for the best that the current teenagers know what is right and what is wrong to follow. 

I am just so ashamed, disgusted and disappointed in what young female celebrities would do to gain attention. I shall go watch some happy videos about kittens and puppies and forget this... nightmarish shock.

For anyone interested and dare to brave the shock...here is the video. 

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  1. incredibly inappropriate in front of an audience.