23 January 2013

One Piece Chapter 696 Review

One Piece this week is sort of a closure for the Punk Hazard act. They defeated the villains and celebrated the usual party at the end of each act. I don't see where Doflamingo would fit in this though. He IS playing towards Punk Hazard. Are they really going to fight there? How is it going to be? Maybe there is something more to the act and it's not the real closure yet... who knows. 

Smoker looks mega cool. I think his heart has gone softer now... at least towards the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law. They just literally kicked ass together. That gotta count for something. It's like... bro-code.

Poor Brownbeard. Baby 5 and gang are frozen. Can you imagine how Doflamingo is going to react when he reached Punk Hazard? 
 LOL WHAT? Luffy what did you just say? Ok so in mangareader.net Luffy said "Torao" but on mangafox.com, he said "Stripy."
I laughed. So. Hard. Trafalgar Law, the One Piece Stripper. *DIE*

Only Sanji would punch a comrade revived from death. Only Sanji...

 Momonosuke is so adorable! He is like a mini Zoro. Cute and serious. 

Trafalgar Law... Y U SO FUNNY. His evil face when he told Chopper that he cut children into piece = awesome. Oda-sensei has good sense of humor indeed.

Aww erm ma gerd so cute.

I think this scene is very touching. It's been ages since we last heard about Bellemere. I'm happy Nami is happy. She has gone through much. 

 Momonosuke drooling. His eyes... so scary. I take back what I said about him being cute.
Sanji, yo he aint a lady.

 How rare to see a father-son relationship on One Piece. I don't recall of such relationship before. If you guys remember, please do tell me. I think this scene is beautiful. Look at poor little starved Momonosuke. I wanna give him a hug.
Trafalgar Law looked really, really, (no kidding) horrified. Hahahaha. His face is so priceless. I'm laughing as I'm typing this. Just look at him!!!

Now this is how I imagine happened....
That probably explains why Law is sitting so far away from the party with Smoker. Way too funny.

Luffy is going to kick ass. Four big asses! Can't wait. I'm sure for many of you, the most anticipated Yonko Vs. Luffy will be with Shanks. I can't wait for that. I hope I will live long enough to see that scene LOL. Kidding. I'm still in uni. Young as a bird. Anyway. That scene will happen in a looong time. 

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  1. I think they meant stripy as in stripes. Tiger stripes. Because tora is tiger. Luffy can't say Torafaruga Ro. Not stripper. Calm your tits down.