17 January 2013

One Piece Chapter 695 Review

One Piece is back this year with a blast! I was a bit  very disappointed that Oda-sensei didn't include Doflamingo in this chapter. I mean he gave us one helluva cliffhanger last chapter. That was mean. Now we have to suffer, trying to predict when Doflamingo will pop out later in the future. AUUUGHH. So mean. Now at least, you can sense the Punk Hazard act coming to a closure...

Baby 5 and Buffalo got owned. By Frank. Alone. Wow. I didn't see that coming. 

Franky, you're so amazing.

Aw man. They finally are united. ROCK ON! Let's see how the gang is going to kick Baby 5 and Buffalo's ass... not that they really need to. Franky alone did the job quite spectacularly. 

Meanwhile, the girls are not impressed. You can tell by their "whatevvuuuuur" expression on the left panel.

What do they mean the seat of the "Hearts"? I wish they would just explain it to me. The suspense is torturous. I need to know everything about One Piece *hardcore fan*

You have the STRAW HATS, TRAFALGAR LAW & SMOKER all in ONE! Piece. (lame pun)

They actually managed to grab Ceasar. I'm impressed. What I didn't expect was for them to run away. It's such a normal strategy that I didn't think of it. I mean OP characters are always so stubborn. To see them running away... it's kinda peculiar.

Law panicked. Again. Zoro's customized expression... me like that! Don't judge a nose by its cover. It's totally WTF?

LOLOL is it normal that I pity Law? He is always so calm and in control in the other acts. Now that he teamed up with the Straw Hats, he is always seen panicking, stressed, shocked... poor baby. At this rate, he will be sprouting wrinkles and white hair! LOLOLOL
Anyway. Aw yeah! Nami in action! 

Team Nami and Usoop! Finally, they get to show off! They had been running around for the past few chapters. Glad to see them in action. As always, Nami's booty is more important than her health. Seriously guuurl, it's winter outside and you're in bra. Usopp too! You're in... pants!
And of course, we have Zoro's random humor on the side.

AWW YISS! Ceasar in seastone cuffs. There is something very satisfying about this. Either that or I'm a sadist.

LOL Poor Trafalgar Law, his stress level must have increased teaming up with the Straw Hats. At least Baby 5, Buffalo and Ceasar are defeated. Interesting. I didn't expect them to be defeated so easily... they are Doflamingo's men... I thought they would be stronger... I dunno like Vergo or Law. Or maybe they are strong... just bad luck. Baby 5 seemed strong. Buffalo, not too much.

Who is this mysterious character? Is he Mihawk? It looks like Mihawk's epic big cross... I'm not too sure. The cross-sword should have been longer. What do you guys think? Do you think he is an old character or a new one? 

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