17 December 2012

Do You Know Les Miserables

Les Miserables is going to be a phenomenal movie. There are so many amazing, big name actors playing: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfield...etc. I just have to take a glance at the trailer and saw Hathaway's brilliant acting and I am SOLD! I think she really stands out beautifully. Her emotions were raw and passionate. It was simply breath-taking. 

What is even more amazing other than their acting is that they can SING! Bloody hell! It's quite mindblowing! Catwoman and Wolverine can sing! Here is an interview of the actors talking about their experience working with LIVE on stage singing. Basically, they were filmed as they acted and sang. It wasn't studio recorded. It's not other professional singers' voice. It's their real voice being sung as they acted. I think it's something to be highly praised for. Their talent continues to astonish me.

The story goes briefly about Fantine (Hathaway) was a factory worker but due to unfortunate circumstances, she had to turned to prostitution. Somewhere, she met Valjean (Jackman) who helped her and her illegimate daughter, Cosette (Seyfield). Valjean used to be imprisoned for stealing bread and was released by Inspector Javert (Crowe) on parole. But he broke the parole and Javert is now hot on pursuit to imprison him again. (Time skipped) Cosette grew up to be a beautiful young lady under Valjean's care and fell in love with Marius. Then BAM! REVOLUTION in Paris! 
You have to watch the movie and appreciate the beauty of it. Seriously. 

(These pictures are taken from Les Miserables official webiste. I own nothing.)
 Fantine the factory worker. 
They cut off her hair. It looks so painful in the trailer. I can't imagine someone roughly yanks and cuts your hair. Must be a hellish experience. So I assume in this scene, Fantine was gradually turning to the path of prostitution.

Fantine met Valjean who rescued her... I assume. 

 Aww Hathaway's red nose. TT v TT 

 Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert who hunts Valjean.

 I am just staring at these actors... waiting for them to explode into other character. Fantine turned into BAMF!Catwoman halfway through the show. Valjean goes all furry and claws hands and stuff... with his Wolverine badass-ness. Inspector Javert will be like "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" and takes a sword and goes Gladiator-mode.

We also have Helena Bonham Carter, the wife of the innkeeper who abused Cosette until Valjean came to help her out and raise her. Trust Carter to play the villain. She is so good at playing the bad guys.

 Cosette (Seyfield) grows up under Valjean's care. (Since I have never watched a Les Miserables play before, I am eager to know what happened to Fantine (Hathaway). I don't see her anymore further in the trailer... did she die? That will be the most unfortunate.)

The crew working. This shot is beautifully captured. I love the decors, the lighting, the actors...etc. Marvelous!

So guys, do go watch Les Miserables which will be released on Christmas (December 25 2012) in US or January 11 2013 in UK! I'm sure it will be worth your money. In a dark theater... actors' brilliant singing... oh wow, it's going to be amazing. 

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  1. So many things in one movie..... Romance, heart break, action, battle, music and more.