19 November 2012

Do You Know Sherlock Holmes BBC?

There are so many great scenes in Sherlock Holmes BBC. So many great lines. So many incredible moments. So many fans. I absolutely love the series. The music is well composed and fitting. The actors are... simply born to play those roles. Benedict was the perfect Sherlock Holmes with his superiority complex in the series. Martin was the nice, patient helper and the fitting John Watson. The series is set in modern London instead of in the 1800s. The directors did a marvelous job of fusing the classic with our technology and creating a brilliant series. 
Each episode is 90 minutes long. 3 Episodes per season. There are 2 seasons so far. Season 3 is coming out next year on January. 
Dr. John H. Watson is just adorable. The perfect sidekick for a superiority-complex, gigantic ego Sherlock Holmes. Look at those big puppy eyes! LOOK AT THEM! My inner fangirl is going bazooka.

Sherlock Holmes' character immediately grew on me. I know Benedict Cumberbatch is not the most attractive actor but his charm certainly won me over. His intelligent, his voice, his badass deduction, silly childishness and his arrogance just... I am his loyal fangirl! I totally am quoting Irene Adler: "Look at those cheekbones. I can cut myself slapping that face." Ahhh Sherlock~ *fangirl squeals*

Can you believe it? Both of them are going to be in the Hobbit!
John Watson (Martin Freeman) will be playing as Bilbo Baggins!
Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) will be playing as the Necromancer/Dragon. 

The most. Badass. Way of calling the police. EVER. Sherlock, you have style! So much style!

(The top photos are taken from http://sherlock.soup.io. Credits go to original posters)  

A collection of hilarious moments in Sherlock Holmes BBC

My favorite episode by far is Scandal of Belgravia (Episode 4). It was the most emotional episode and filled with a lot of characterization. At last! Sherlock falling in love!

Sherlock Holmes's first meeting with Dominatrix, Irene Adler at her home. She greeted him naked. Really butt naked. My jaw dropped, so did everyone else's. This woman... can whip the shit out of you as she did with Sherlock Holmes. 

I couldn't find a clip of her with her whip so we will have to do with music video. It's pretty well done if you ask me! The music and timing of it were perfectly fitting. 

Oh and about Irene, she turned Sherlock's ringtone of her text into her moan. So every time Sherlock got a text from her, it comes with a loud moan. So. Freaking. Funny. Did I tell you how much I like this character? She is amazing.

This part of the episode is just SO BLOODY EPIC. You should CLICK on this and watch it.
The music, the trap, the slow-motion, their acting. JUST FLAWLESS!

Now you can't watch Sherlock Holmes without witnessing some bromance moments. Well, BBC seems to have tons and is a very, very good Gay Troll-er. They had wayyy too many hilarious bromance moments and there are lines that explicitly encourage slash fans. It's ... just pure hilarity. I think it's absolutely brilliant. 

Aside from those shown in this compilation there are... let me remember... 
Upon the second day of their meeting when they are lunching at a restaurant, John decided to get to know his flatmate Sherlock Holmes... 
John: you have a girlfriend?
Sherlock: Girls aren't really my area.
John: ... so do you have a friend? Which is fine.
Sherlock: I know it's fine.
John: So you have a boyfriend.
Sherlock (immediately): No.
John: Oh ok. So you are unattached then. Just like me. Fine. Good.
Sherlock (narrows his eyes suspiciously): John... erm. I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work. And while I am flattered, I am not really looking for any...
John: No! No, that's not what I... no. I am just saying... it's all fine.
Sherlock: Good. Thank you. 
Mycroft to John: And since yesterday you've moved in with him, and now you are solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week? 

Mycroft insisted that John looked after Sherlock on Chrismas night, causing John to cancel his date.
John's girlfriend: You are a very good boyfriend. Sherlock Holmes is a lucky man. 
BAM! John got dumped. Poor guy. 

Of course, these are just few of the many. 
While fangirls are absolutely head over the clouds for this... I personally did like Irene Adler with Sherlock Holmes. First of all, I think she is a brilliant character, very beautiful, strong and independent. It's great to see such female character. What really makes me go goo-ey with this pairing is the ending of Scandal of Belgravia.
This scene is fantastically done. The music, the tension. TOO MUCH! MY FEELS!

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