29 September 2012

Final Fantasy Gabranth Play Arts Kai

So Gabranth has arrived. This time I bought it from Robert Anime Corner Store because they offer the cheapest Gabranth there is! Trust me to find the cheapest goodies... I didn't buy from Things From Another World as I did with Squall because they don't have Gabranth. So I thought, why not give other online stores a try? So I scooped around and found Toylet. I saw they had Nero for $36.99 and Gabranth for $42.99 with $20 shipping for both. I was like okay, pretty fair and I get to buy Nero which is a rare nowadays. I read good reviews from them and ordered. Sadly, the store did a last minute check and both were sold out! I was very disappointed. My expectation was so high. They compensated their mistake with a 5% discount on one future purchase.
*Sigh* In the end, I bought Gabranth from RAC (They don't have Nero) for $36.99 + $14.99 shipping. It's still a good deal but I don't get to have Nero... *serious sulking going on*

Okay! So back to the magnificent Gabranth Play Arts Kai...

He is amazing. Utterly flawless! Squall sort of pale in comparison to his superb armor design. Look at the design of his armor and sword. Square Enix really did a good job with their blades. Even Squall's Gunblade looks really real. 

You can also join Gabranth's two swords together by the butt. I had lots of fun testing it out! Gabranth's grip on the swords is much stronger than Squall's. Gabranth is also generally more firm and stable. Here is a back shot. The cape is beautiful. Don't you think it looks like it's bellowing? Splendid!

So stunning! The swords are truly a piece of arts. The gold embedded in the silver is just amazing!

Showdown with Squall! (Note: Yeah I took off Squall's white fluffy thingy around his waist because Squall's torso kept coming off... the ball joint around the waist is not very strong. Sad. Fortunately, Gabranth is very flexible. You can make him do a split! LOLOLOL) 

Oh yes, the boys can switch blades. Squall can hold Gabrath's 2-in-1 sword pretty well. He won't be unbalanced by the weight. Gabrath on the other hand can hold the Gunblade but because of his hand position, the gunblade can only be held slanted. It's sort of weird but he can hold it. 

For those who wonder about their height difference. There you go~ as well as how long the blades are. They are gorgeous, both the characters and the sword design. I have no regret buying them and photographed them like camfigurines! If you guys have any question about where to buy them, the reasonable price...etc. Or if you want to recommend me a superb figurine (Play Arts Kai), just comment below. I might be getting Snow Velliers or Ezio from Assassin Creed 2 (He looks so badass!) 

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  1. That Gabranth figure is awesome *shiny eyes*. The photos convinced me to get this figure ASAP. I like the armor (I like armored characters) and his weapon. I wish they included an extra head without a helmet. Nice review! :D

    1. Haha, Gabranth is really the most beautiful Play Arts I have currently. The armor is so shiney and well crafted. If you buy the (not bootleg) Gabranth, he will look exactly as in my pictures. I didn't use any special lighting or anything (just no use of camera flash). He is that breath-taking.
      But yeah, Gabranth only comes with extra hands and swords. But he is very steady on his feet. His cape helps him balance.
      If you get new Play Arts, let me know! :)

  2. I recently began collecting the Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Asylum figures, but I got up to date really quickly on that line. So, to satisfy my new found addiction to PAK figures, I started looking into other lines produced by Square Enix. Since I'm familiar with Final Fantasy, I figured I'd try some of those. Thanks to your amazing review, Gabranth was my first purchase! He's due to arrive early next week and I can hardly wait. I'm also a fan of armored figures, and I know I'm going to be very happy with the purchase. I'll probably pick up the Cloud figure from the same wave, too.

    1. Awww I'm glad my post inspires you to buy a Gabranth. You won't regret it. His armor is magnificent. I'm not even exaggerating. They are like... radiant.
      Oh and I recently got a Snow (Final Fantasy) he is quite cool too... he always reminds me of a homeless dude with his outfit but anyway. My next PAK will be Raiden from Metal Gear. He looks siiiick.
      Anyhow, do share your thoughts on Gabranth when you get him next week! :)