24 September 2012

Do You Know Girls Play Diablo too?

For this week's Do You Know, I will be talking to you about my experience as a female gamer and the reactions I got from people...

I got quite a reaction when I told my male friends that I play Diablo 3. They were like "Are you sure you are not a man?" It seems so unreal to men that girls play games. Really... it shouldn't be so surprising. It's not that uncommon. There are plenty of female gamers out there. Before I start off, I want to make it clear that I play games for my own enjoyment. I don't seek to gain attention from men who think female gamers are desirable. Pfft. I just roll on my own, guys. Peace out! I play games since I was a kid so I find it strange that people is making such a fuss out of it! I agree that most girls prefer shopping and clubbing over spending hours on Diablo. I totally agree. Now, let's not assume I hate shopping and other girly activities. I love shopping. Especially when there's great sale. Maybe I am not a fanatic shopaholic but I love buying cute clothing to doll myself up. So I suppose my image doesn't fit with my gaming persona. Hmmm... I guess that's why the guys are shocked. I am sure there are other female gamers out there, walking on the streets but you just don't know. Not all female gamers have to be fat and unattractive nor do they have to look seductive and chew on a controller. We are just regular people. It's like looking at a man and wonder if he has a dog. You just can't tell from appearance alone.

It just annoys me that some men think games are just for them. Women have no place playing with them as teammates. Girls should go play Facebook Sims and Farmville. What are you? Still stuck in the sexist era?

Thank the heaven my male friends are mature fellows and didn't say anything rude or sexist. They even invite me to join them. So everything works out perfectly. Yay for awesome friends!

Now Diablo! I absolutely love the cinematic of Diablo (Azmodan's intro was pretty awesome but I am fond of Diablo). I never skipped these 2 scenes in Diablo... it's just so beautiful. Especially when Diablo fades away with the beautiful choir music. Pure beautiful! Now this is a spoiler for  noobs who haven't played and wish to play. If you are a veteran Diablo player or have no interest in playing it, watch this gorgeous cinematic! Mother of Diablo... it's breathtaking...

I usually play Diablo with my (super special awesome) dad. He had been waiting for the release for a decade now so we were all excited about it. When we learned about the Auction House, we bought stuff (with gold coin) and upgraded our equipment. Then we realize it wasn't as fun as the old Diablo game (without Auction House), We got way too powerful in the earlier acts and it lost its fun (ex. the thrill of getting yellow/legendary items). So my dad and I took a pledge that we don't buy from AH unless it's absolutely necessary (in Hell or Inferno). Sometimes, my friend(s) join us in the game. We have a Diablo sugar friend who gives us good equipments. If he is reading this, ha... he is going to kill me for calling him that.

Sometimes, we have cool people joining our party.
Guy: Let's wait for him.
Me: Her.
Friend: Yeah, it's a girl.
Guy: Oh, my bad. Wow. A girl gamer. I'm helping a girl (to level up). Very good for my ego.
Me: My number of bodyguards have increased. (Me Gusta)

Then whenever I am bored, I tortured my male characters with hilarious outfit. Behold what I did to my Demon Hunter... Pink cape, pink leggings, pink boots...oh god, hilarity ensures. When I took off his pink cloak, leaving the rest on... Oh boy, he looks like a gay stripper. Haha!

(Add rainbow color Legendary item to emphasize his pink flamboyant outfit. Worry not. I'm not homophobic. This is just me trolling my character design.)

Once we tried to play Nightmare Act 3 with level 34 characters... it was pitiful. One slap from a monster and died instantaneously. It was funny. After countless revival and public gamers' help, we managed to clear Nightmare Act 4 at level 38... so awesome.

Anyway, enough Diablo ranting!

So my point is, don't think girls can't enjoy a good game. Some girls are just less exposed to the gaming industry. That's all. If you ditch me at an arcade that has Time Crisis... I will be there for hours. I love that game. If you wondering what other games I play... well I like Warcraft, Alice Madness Returns, etc.

I once let my female friend tried out Prototype. We didn't do the missions. We ended up climbing the Empire State building, doing double-suicides with police officer. We hauled the policeman/car into the river. Then we tried to jump with the policeman. The cop fell inside the water while my dude got rejected and landed on the port. LOL? Yes, girls are pretty sadistic gamers too...

Good old times. I stop playing games due to heavy school load. Now when Diablo came out, it was summer so who cared... but summer is over... so sad gamer is sad. So yeah, I am pretty lost if you start talking to me about recent games. I'll be like wuuuut? I have lots of games to catch up... such as my precious Pokemon...

P.S: You probably wonder why I am still in love with Diablo and not seeking to smash it to smithereens?  The answer is that I haven't reached Inferno yet. My friend is telling me that if I had played Inferno, I wouldn't be blogging this in such pleasant tone. I would turn into an angry Barbarian woman and rant/crack the computer screen in halves.

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  1. Yo, when you coming back to Diablo 3? Got some more items to dump XD

    1. Soon. Waiting for my dad to level up his Witch Hunter (bored of his barbie... I mean barbarian). He has lots of catching up to do. XD

    2. Haha, barbie might be too straightforward to play, but he is needed in inferno later :P
      As for WD, he has some of the craziest/funniest skills ever. Remember the chicken transformation? XD

  2. You're the man...nobody said it's an all male game.I'm stil playing Sims and Assasins Creed from time to time

    1. Haha, that's cool. I used to play Sims (very, very obsessed with it). I had this one character who was very rich... but she died from an unknown cause in the bathroom. =.="

      Ah... Assassin Creed. I tried it too but I didn't get pass the first act. I think the game I bought had something wrong with it because the assassin won't move at all. He just stood there in the city and got killed by guards. I was like Noooooooooooooooooooo! LOL

  3. I'm still obsessed with sims...I mean with killing Sims people...I just love to see that cute reaper when he comes for them.Anyway I just love making houses and decorating and since there is a lot of stuff for sims online I can't get enough of it...oh yeah,I only kill people that really bug me in real life,you know like noisy neighbors or guys that like somebody else instead of me...good for the stress relief.
    And as far as the A.C is concerned man that game rocks...bought it just recently,downloaded instructions form the library.nu when it was still active and now I'm enjoying it


    ...hey at least you're not telling everyone pokemon is better than everything ever. I'll give you that.

    1. Hush dear, deep breath *Hand you hot chocolate*
      I'm not bragging about being a gamer girl. I'm just annoyed by men's reaction. It's not like we take the controller and smash it to pieces. Augghh... FEMINISM POWAAAARRRR.

      OK I finish ranting. You go back and play your D&D. Personally, one of my favorite games in my childhood was Mario (not the 2D one...) Ok I shut up now. La la la~

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