14 September 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 2)

Let's continue with our adventure in Malaysia! Now, we will explore the more trending areas! What kind of food you can find and fancy places Malaysians go. So let's follow this path and see what lies ahead...

This is a seafood restaurant right next to the sea. It's a gorgeous short path. As you walk on the planks, it's like you enter another world. The soft waves rolling beneath the 'bridge', rocking the little boats fastened on the shore... just beautiful. I didn't actually eat there, just passing through. If anyone is interested, the restaurant is located at the end of Gurney Drive (Penang). It's a shore where locals and tourists go to enjoy the breeze and gaze upon the horizon.

For this week, I will show you a very popular cafe shop chain calls the Old Town. Yes, it's one of the hyped places the older folks go because the meals are more expensive than the side-walk food stalls. Surprisingly, you can find the brand Old Town Coffee at an Asian grocery store in North America! My mom absolutely loves that brand and would drink just that! The currency is about 3 times cheaper than Canadian dollars. So let's look at Garlic Butter Toast which costs RM 3.30. It would be approximately $1.10 Canadian! It's so cheap to stuff ourselves silly there with delicious food!

You get to see how the chefs prepare your meal. It's like Starbuck-ish... Old Town specializes in coffee. So I was surprised when they served the local food as well! Like in North America, we eat muffins with coffee. In Malaysia, you eat a proper meal with coffee. How interesting is that? Different culture, different style!

This is the traditional tea in Malaysia! It's called the Teh Tarik! Super fragrance. It's like a mixture of sweet tea and coffee. Strongly recommended to try out. No need to add our own sugar or milk. it's all in there. Gorgeous and all! They even served with the traditional saucers! I love it!

I know this post is pretty short... that's because I'm preparing a biiiig post for next week. You're going to love the upcoming posts. Here is one sneak peek of Paradise on Earth! Oh la la~

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  1. It looks so beautiful. This is definitely where I am going to spend my next vacation~

    Thank you Era Fey!

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